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There is a myriad of reasons why home buyers choose Steamboat Springs over other ski resorts to vacation at, but what are the top 10 reasons skiers, snowboarders, novices, back country fanatics, families and the single crowd all flock to this tucked away paradise? I could give you 100 reasons and more from a local perspective; but why don’t you read these top 10 and then come visit us to find out “What Moves You?” in Steamboat Springs.

#1: Steamboat is a World Class Resort. We have terrain for everyone, great ski/snowboard instructors, short lift lines, and great mountain dining. We are consistently voted among the top 10 resorts in North America.

#2: Steamboat is at the comfortable elevation of 6,700 feet. Most other resorts sit at 9,000+ elevation which makes it hard for visitors to acclimate. Who wants to spend their whole weekend getting used to the elevation instead of enjoying Steamboat’s famed Champagne Powder?

#3: Steamboat gets the best snow (arguably, but with little opposition from avid skiers and snowboarders alike). They have even coined the term, Champagne Powder. Let’s just say it’s the kind of snow you can simply blow off of the hood of your car…no brush needed.

#4: Steamboat produces more Olympians than any other resort. Need I say more?

#5: Steamboat isn’t only known for it’s winter season. Spring, summer and fall are even as exciting as the winter. Kayaking, biking (we are also know now as Biketown USA), tubing, hiking, camping and fishing are just some of the other outdoor activities people are involved in here. Never mind the multiple free outdoor concerts, parades, and our infamous rodeo!

#6: Steamboat is also known as Dogtown, USA. So feel free to bring Fido along on your vacation!

#7: Steamboat has it’s own airport and there is direct flight flights from 10 different cities for commercial as well as private aircrafts.

#8: Steamboat has a long and very interesting history that is reflected throughout the community, in it’s architecture, citizens, and local free range beef and produce.

#9: Steamboat is home to two natural hot springs that are open year round and to the public. There is nothing better than taking a long soak underneath the stars with friends and family after a long day on the mountain.

#10: Steamboat real estate has one of the best values for resort living in Colorado. You can buy a whole house in Steamboat for the same amount one would pay for a studio apartment time share in Aspen.


The sun setting on downtown Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs CO is a hidden real estate gem in the Colorado Rockies. Don’t miss out on this outdoor enthusiast, western resort town…it truly has something for everyone!